The island which caused the end of Atlantis

Oia at Santorini

The beauty of Santorini is caused mainly by the breathtaking location of the villages of Fira and Oia on the edge of a volcano crater. The crater was created by a huge volcanic eruption which destroyed the island almost completely. In fact only the crater edge remained and the tsunami which was caused by the eruption may have destroyed the legendary Atlantis, but scientists don’t agree about this.

Nowadays Santorini has become a mojor tourist attraction and while Fira and Oia are major attractions, Santorini has more to offer. Many people come for the beaches of Kamari and Perissa as well.

Sunset at Oia

The sunset at Oia is famous. It is said to be the most beautiful sunset in the world, but Oia is not the only place to claim this. True or not, during sunset many tourists flock the small village looking for the best place to capture the sun and to be honest, it is a beautiful place to be. There are several ways to watch the sunset, you can stay in the village and find a good spot, you can go down to the harbour Amoudi and watch it from there or you can take a boat and watch from the sea.