People from Rotterdam like to say “geen woorden, maar daden” which means don’t talk, but act. Living in a harbor means working hard for many people and although goods mainly come in containers nowadays, the idea that working hard is important is still a characteristic of people from Rotterdam. So that’ sway they like to […]


Giethoorn is a small village at the northern part of the Netherlands. Although it’s just small, it is called the Venice of the Netherlands or Venice of the North because of it’s location at the water with many canals and not many roads. Actually, many houses can only be reached by boat or by small […]

The Markthal

The Markthal This year (2014) the new Markthal in Rotterdam was opened by queen Maxima. The Markthal which means market hall was made following examples in other cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm and Valencia. Almost every large city has one: an indoor food market. A lively market hall which is bursting at the seams with fresh […]