People from Rotterdam like to say “geen woorden, maar daden” which means don’t talk, but act.

Living in a harbor means working hard for many people and although goods mainly come in containers nowadays, the idea that working hard is important is still a characteristic of people from Rotterdam. So that’ sway they like to say “don’t talk, but do”

Erasmus Bridge with the Rotterdam

The modern city

Because Rotterdam was heavily bombed during the Second World War, most of the old city has been rebuild after the war. So unlike other cities in the Netherlands, Rotterdam has many new buildings in the centre. Most well known are the “Nationale Nederlanden” building, the new “Rotterdam” building, the “Kubus” houses and the recently completed “Markthal”. Finished in 2014 the new Central Station is worth a visit as well.

Markthal Rotterdam on a sunny winter dayCube housesCentral Station in Rotterdam

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