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Short round trip through South Korea in May. South Korea, a vibrant and culturally rich country in East Asia, is a harmonious blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge modernity. From bustling urban landscapes to serene natural beauty, South Korea offers a diverse array of experiences for travelers. Four must-visit destinations in South Korea are Seoul, […]


Jordan is located next to Israel, Syria, Irak, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It is well known for Petra, Wadi Rum and the Death Sea, but there are other things to see as well such as the Roman ruins in Jerash. Amman Amman is the capital of Jordan and usually the start of a trip through […]

Rheinfall in Schaffhausen

The Rheinfall in the Rhine near Schaffhausen is the largest waterfall in Europe. It is not that high, but a lot of water is passing the falls, which guarantees an impressive sight. Some data:


Puglia is well know for it’s white houses with pointy roofs called Trulli. Most trulli houses can be found in and near Alberobello, which is considered the trulli capital. But the Trulli houses are not the only thing to see, there are several white villages as well such as Locorotondo, Ostuni and Martina Franca. And […]


Andalusia is famous because of its beaches, it’s nature and of course it’s beautiful historic cities like Granada, Sevilla and Córdoba. It is located at the south of Spain and the weather is usually good. Actually, Sevilla is the hottest city in Europe, so it would be better to avoid it in July or August.In […]


The meteora monestaries are located naar Kalambaka and Kastraki. Kalambaka is larger and has a railway station, but Kastraki is closer to the monestaries.


Kyoto is the main tourist destination of Japan. With 17 World Heratige Sites, there are many places worth a visit. We just visited a few of them. Kinkaku-Ji   Kinkakuji (金閣寺, Golden Pavilion) is one of the most beautiful temples in Kyoto. It is a Zen temple in northern Kyoto whose top two floors are completely […]


Zakyntos is one of the Ionic islands at the west side of Greece. It is very touristic at some areas like Laganas, but still very nice at other areas like Vassilikos. You can get around by public transport or by rental car. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is located on Zakynthos: […]


Flores is one of the many islands of Indonesia. For tourists it is relatively new with still not too many tourists like on Bali. The 2 most well known destinations on or from Flores are Kelimutu and Komodo island. Labuan Bajo is a good starting point to visit Komodo, see the Komodo dragons and to […]